4 Lessons Learnt From Hard Times

4 Lessons Learnt From Hard Times

4 Lessons Learnt from Hard Times - namastefromananya

 It’s been a bit of a full on few months with no let up for some of us!

One of the main reasons August seems to have hurtled by is probably due to the many trips made between home and hospitals.

I’m known to be quite private about certain matters but sometimes it just helps to let our guard down. My grandma, Thamma, as I lovingly call her, has been in intensive care for a few weeks now. A fighter by nature, we’re remaining optimistic but it’s reminded me of a few things:

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How To : Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Are You Comparing Yourself To Others?

Comparison is the thief of Joy - Namaste From Ananya - How To Stop Comparing Yourself To others1

For a lot of Asian offspring, I feel this true.

But the truth is, I think this is true for ALL of us particularly

In today’s world.

I’ve mentioned it before but social media can be such an incredible tool.

On the other hand though,

Comparison can be the thief of joy.

We all know it; we’ve probably all pinned & instagrammed it.

But Are You Comparing Youself to Others?

How do we make it stop?!

Here’s How To : Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

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Life Lately

Namaste From Ananya - Life Lately - Hapiness Jar1-Typewriter

And when it rains, it absolutely pours.

Amidst squelching and wading through the massive puddles of London & feeling smug I’m not stuck in the mud at Glastonbury this year

if you’ve seen the pictures you’ll know why!…

…wait, who am I kidding, there’s always next year to recreate this 😉

But, we’re suddenly realising that it’s mid-June?!

And if there’s one thing rainy June has taught is to appreciate the sunny moments as much as the cloudier, torrential days.

So, here’s Life Lately & a few more for the happiness jar!

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Where do we find Peace?

Where do we find Peace? 

I’ll let you in on a secret.

I’d actually focused on this question, with our society’s inability to switch off in mind.

However, sometimes it just seems as though the world becomes less able or less willing to work together.

& so I guess this question I ask may require a more profound answer.

Do you agree?

Take a look:

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Hub Dot

Pick a colour, any colour!

Well actually, you have a choice of 5, where each colour represents a state of being.


Green : I’m here to be inspired

Red: I’m established (could be career, business, motherhood)

Purple: I want to tell you about…(my story/my work/my charity)

Blue: I’m here to socialise

Yellow: I have an idea, can anyone help?

Namaste From Ananya - Hub Dot - Which Dot Are You Today


Read on & Welcome to Hub Dot.

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