Where Are You? Namaste From Ananya

Where Are You?

Where Are You? Dedicated to Thamma. A parent figure and confidante to so very many. This post is for anyone that may have lost a loved one and still has some resounding questions, including: Where Are You?
Namaste From Ananya - Hub Dot - Which Dot Are You Today

Hub Dot

Pick a colour, any colour! Well actually, you have a choice of 5, where each colour represents a state of being.  — Green : I’m here to be inspired Red: I’m established (could be career, business, motherhood) Purple: I want to...
Charity Christmas Gift Giving Guide - Namaste From Ananya

Christmas Charity Gift Guide

It’s 2 days before Christmas…are you’re still shopping for presents…?! Whether it’s simply stocking fillers you’re after or a more meaningful gift, this post may provide you with some answers. Inspired by friends that have decided against traditional gift-giving this...