Spiritually Indian, Openly Asian, Proudly British Bengali

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Ana | Cosmo Blog Awards 2014

Namaste from Ananya ::

A personal & creative lifestyle blog for the everyday girl, trying her best to live as authentically possible.

I’m Ana (Ananya), a British born, Indian-Bengali balancing both my cultures, alongside a PhD and a passion for photos, self-care & international development.

My blog was born in 2012, as a space to share and explain my S Asian heritage to my more Western friends. Since then, however, it has evolved to more of an online journal of personal reflection and my thoughts on causes that are important as well as my loves: lifestyle & travel.

Namaste from Ananya, has helped me, a once painfully shy, introverted girl, believe in my own voice and ultimately attempt to face a fear every day. I hope you’ll feel at home here & follow along with me.

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“My soul recognises your soul. I honour the light, love, beauty, truth and kindness within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things there is no difference and no distance between us. We are the same. We are one. “

 from Ananya


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