Finding Quiet in The Chaos


Namaste From Ananya - Find Quiet In The ChaosIt’s always easy to put off things, isn’t it?

To try and clear the schedule until you feel as though there’s enough time?

But really, will there ever be, ‘right time’?

I say this as I am in the midst of a hectic month writing up this PhD.

<<last minute analysis>>

<<late nights, early mornings>>

<<saying no to a lot of social engagements>>

<<putting off blogging>>

<<juggling family commitments>>


navigating life’s emotions.

It’s been a year since my Thamma and Dadu passed away.

Yet, now that a year’s passed.

I’ve acknowledged the fact that it *is* possible to mindfully acknowledge and appreciate a death anniversary.

I could have dwelled on so many facts.

The reason for why I was spending the day alone with my granddad was bittersweet.

Why I hadn’t visited my family in almost 2 years.

The guilt I was feeling because of this fact.

But I was reminded.

We cannot pause life.

We have to go with it.

 Life won’t wait for us.

I can’t put life on hold, until I finish this PhD…because the next ‘PhD’ or big ‘life deadline’ will come up.

But I can choose to enjoy the moments as they happen.

To keep my eyes open, ears.

So, no ambitious blog schedule until I submit.

But I do want to document again, the little loves, the mindful moments and the things that have added the peace into my current hecticness.

Little Moments 

  1. Spending uninterrupted time with my Grandad. Experiencing life at his pace. Soaking up his music, his wisdom and his very specific way of doing things.
  2. Reminiscing with him about my grandma, Thamma. Her day was not sad, it was more a happy celebration of her zest for life.
  3. (Trying to) Enjoy this * last* stage of the PhD mindfully. I keep reminding myself, there will be a time when I will look back nostalgically…though you have the right to shake me if I suddenly end up putting on some rose-tinted glasses about my experience!
  4. Feeling proud of how far I’ve come [no more do I need to collect *placenta* samples for experiments!
  5. & Writing my acknolwedgments:

As part of your PhD thesis, most people thank those who have helped them along the way. I’ve started using this task as a form of ‘positive’ procrastination. I’ve convinced myself that since it forms an essential part of the thesis, that distracting myself with its writing is a valid ‘break’ from actual writing….

The added benefit of course if that writing the acknowledgements always puts me in a good mood. It’s always hard to feel hard done by when you realise who and what you’re grateful for.

 Whether you’re writing up any form of thesis or not, I highly recommend giving it a go. Who and what are you grateful for? Can you be thankful for someone today?


What’s made you happy this week?


Until the next time (hopefully not so far away!

Namaste | from Ananya xo