5 Books To Give You A Kick Up The….

5 Books To Give You A Kick Up The….

Namaste From Ananya_5 Books To Kick You Up The...

…no seriously.

We all need that kick sometimes.

Have you lost inspiration and motivation?

Here are 5 Books To Give You A Kick Up The..to hopefully inject you with a joie de vivre!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have some truly important male figures in my life who have helped shape my thinking for the better.

They have always encouraged me:

– to be independent

-to be strong


-to stand out…

Mind you, they did have a fair task on their hands convincing a young, painfully shy, introverted girl of 5 to do what she least wanted to do.

But I guess, over the years, something has seeped in 😉


No matter who we are,

we have a story to tell,

-a cause to dedicate ourselves to

-and a purpose, so much larger than we could possibly fathom.

Fire resides within our soul and fuels our creativity; when aligned, this curiosity and creativity can ignite  us to create magic in the form of our best work.

Something that goes beyond what we thought possible.

What we daren’t believe in case of disappointment,

but deep down,

what we knew to be true.


But that inspiration and motivation can dwindle.

Sometimes we need an external source to rekindle the flame of inspiration; to reintroduce ourselves to the strength we knew lay within us, all along.

5 Books That I think might do just that:

Lean In-Namaste From Ananya-Do Cool Sh*T-Namaste From Ananya-5 Books To Give You A Kick Up The....

Lean In

You may have heard a lot about this on social media in recent years but this was introduced to me by my Dad (yep, my Dad’s genuinely the best at introducing me to things: first Hub Dot, now Lean In) and we’ve had the book for a good number of years now.

It started to become ‘cool’ amongst my friends a couple of years ago and now suddenly there’s become a resurgence.

And I can definitely see why. If you want a quick sneak peek: check out her TED talk.

This is a book I’ve reread and will continue to do so.

I am Malala-Namaste From Ananya-5 Books To Kick You Up The...

I am Malala 

Do I need to explain?

Courage, quiet resilience and composure.


Do Cool Sh*T-Namaste From Ananya-5 Books To Give You A Kick Up The....

Do Cool Sh*t

This girl has fire and you’ll want a slice of what she’s having, her enthusiasm, drive and energy.

Favourite Part?

She has bitesize take aways that you can introduce into your life.

I am That Girl-Namaste From Ananya-5 Books To Inspire You

I am That Girl

Any OTH fans? Sophia Bush?

Well she wrote the foreward.

Seriously, Pencils of Promise, now I am That Girl.

Alexis is the older sister figure, the best friend that is dishing you out helpful, understanding and practical advice to find what it is that gets you out of bed and making a difference, so thank you!

The Opposite of Loneliness-Namaste From Ananya-5 Books To Inspire You

The Opposite of Loneliness

Beautifully penned.

I’m so glad these letters and her writing found its way into the world even if it was post-humously.


I challenge you to pick up any 5 of these books


NOT have something resonate with you.

Go on, I dare you.

And you must know by now…

I’m a (silent) stubborn soul…;)

What are the books you keep coming back to when you need a kick up the….?

Do you have more suggestions?

I’m ALWAYS looking for new inspiration so let me know!

Until the next time, let’s be friends here:

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Namaste, from Ananya


  • i started reading lean in a little while ago and have to admit i got a little bit bored and gave up…will definitely try and pick it up again when i’m next on hol.

    i’ve had the opposite of loneliness on my reading list for a while now and looking forward to reading that too!

    katie xx lacoconoire.com / lacoconoire on bloglovin