Where Are You?

Where Are You?

Dedicated to Thamma.

A parent figure and confidante to so very many.

Where Are You? Namaste From Ananya

This post is for anyone that may have lost a loved one and still has some resounding questions, including:

Where Are You?

Last year was a strange one.

And towards the end of the year, I kept asking: Where Are You?

What follows is this short video, shot and edited in December 2016, before Christmas. However, I still thought it was relevant which is why I have decided to still share.

There isn’t a day that goes by without feeling the absence of my loved ones: my Thamma (paternal grandmother) and Dadu (maternal grandfather).

The feeling of loss still conjures up unanswered questions but I have come to see the little glimpses of my grandparents wherever I go, as long as I’m willing to see the light.

Have you lost loved ones? Do you still wonder these questions? What’s helped you come to terms with the loss?

I want to also say a huge thank you to my friend and cousin, Debomita for the stunning vocals. She gave me permission to use for the video so show her some love and go check out her YouTube channel here.

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Namaste, from Ananya


  • Diana Maria

    Sorry to hear about your loss, it does sound like a confusing time filled with unanswered questions. I have not lost any loved ones as yet, but with knowing friends I have learned it is a difficult time that is grieved differently by many. I wish you the best in your healing and new year love xo

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