3 Podcasts To Look Forward To Every Week

3 Podcasts To Look Forward To Every Week


So I’m pretty late to the podcast party but now I’ve found myself there I just don’t want to leave! Here are a few of my favourites and 3 Podcasts To Look Forward To Every Week!

Namaste From Ananya - 3 Podcasts To Look Forward To Every Week

The Lively Show

Thank you Rebecca for the recommendation because without her I wouldn’t have found The Lively Show! Jess Lively’s blogcast is ‘designed to inspire and uplift’ and genuinely I haven’t found a single episode that I have not found inspiring. I challenge you to have a listen as she shares her Lively Adventure (Think Eat. Pray. Love) along with hugely inspiring interviews with creative entrepreneurs.


Make It Happen

Namaste From Ananya - 3 Podcasts To Look Forward To Every WeekAgain, another one of Rebecca‘s recommendations. And along the same lines, she is a creative business owner that is focused at helping creative entrepreneurs MAKE IT HAPPEN, but on their own terms and embracing each ‘season’ as it comes. I Love this podcast as she also has a mini episode acting as a small kick in the right direction when you need it the most.



You’ll love these two if:

-you want to learn more about listening to your gut/intuition

-you’ve ever wondered about creating your own ‘for-purpose’ creative business

-you’ve ever wondered, can people REALLY work remotely AND make enough to live their absolute dreams?!

Namaste From Ananya - 3 Podcasts To Look Forward To Every Week

Happier Cast

If you haven’t heard of Gretchen Rubin by now, thank me later, okay? 😉

The Happiness Project, Happier At Home, Better Than Before – have all been bestsellers and you’ll find it hard not to find at least one ‘hack’ you can’t incorporate into your own lives after reading these books or listening to Gretchen’s weekly podcasts with her sister. She focuses on ways to become happier and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to find ways to become a little happier? I loe her tips because they are so simple yet so effective.

You’ll love if:

-you strive to become better at certain habits

-you want to make your life a little easier and your life a little happier

& let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be a little happier?!

What podcasts do you listen to regularly?

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Namaste, from Ananya



  • Thank you for sharing + including TLS in this round up. I love your description of the Lively Adventure episodes. : )

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! & at the moment loving listening to your quantum living episodes and excited for you to deep dive further 🙂 xx