4 Lessons Learnt From Hard Times

4 Lessons Learnt From Hard Times

4 Lessons Learnt from Hard Times - namastefromananya

 It’s been a bit of a full on few months with no let up for some of us!

One of the main reasons August seems to have hurtled by is probably due to the many trips made between home and hospitals.

I’m known to be quite private about certain matters but sometimes it just helps to let our guard down. My grandma, Thamma, as I lovingly call her, has been in intensive care for a few weeks now. A fighter by nature, we’re remaining optimistic but it’s reminded me of a few things:

Love has infinite potential:


Love brings people together

Despite their clinically clean appearances, hospitals sadly allow worries to fester and without proper intervention, they may rapidly escalate into uncontrollable anxiety.

Waiting Rooms do not help these issues. Or do they?

As a relative of an intensive care patient, I’ve witnessed and experienced friendships being made in said Waiting Room.

The most delicate of situations sometimes require little or no words: a tissue offered, a compassionate smile and a “you take care now, won’t you?”

In circumstance, we have shared worries. As humans, we are just the same. But at least we can share our worries together as humans.

Love heals and protects

I’ve written about this before but I still maintain that #LoveWins, every single time.

Following the news my Grandma was unwell, the amount of support and love I think we all received was been overwhelming; at least from my loved ones.

My closest friends enveloped me in a cocoon of love; they’ve been on hand to offer support, encouragement and pure warmth.

Then there are the ones that choose not to acknowledge anything is wrong

To some they may appear cold-hearted, insensitive or mere rude.

At first, I was of the same opinion.

But then I reminded myself:

Be Kind. Everyone is fighting a hard battle. – Plato.

Be Kind - Namaste From Ananya - 4 Lessons Learnt From Hard Times

What might seem a crisis to one may not seem as evident to another.

We’re all preoccupied with our own ‘crises’ whatever they may be. There’s no point in trying to force a person to see situations in the way we perceive them.

It may only lead to more aggravation for ourselves, whilst the other party may still, despite our best efforts, remain completely oblivious.

Everyone deals with worry in different ways. Some choose to ignore it. Others opt to deep-dive into it.

Less is sometimes MORE

Over the last few weeks I’ve really started noticing the way in which different individuals say the same medical information. Whether it’s us relaying information on to other concerned parties or medical professionals.

There’s often an art to describing a person’s condition, using the best spin of words. I don’t mean providing misinformation. But sometimes the less detail that is given, the better. Especially when this description needs to be repeated multiple times on a daily basis.

There is a power of the subconscious that tunes in & listens intently, manifesting these words into our own realities. So, by opting for a brief yet honest choice of words, I’ve found I don’t allow myself to get too bogged down in negativity and instead, am able to envision the best possible outcome, depending on the situation.

Act As If

I buy into the Law of Attraction.

And I do find there’s a paradigm shift that occurs when we act as if what we desire has already taken place.

Let’s take a crude example:

I want to appear confident.

So if I was confident then, I’d:

Stand up a little straighter, hold myself up a little better.

Simple shifts but the result is so often what we hoped for in the first place.

This tactic has started to help immensely:

From little things such as talking amongst ourselves about things my Grandma will do when she’s better:

“When she’s better, she’ll be telling us off for canceling our trip”

To purposefully organizing events in the hope she’ll continue to progress.


& Over to You!

What lessons have you learnt from difficult situations?

Do you have any more words of wisdom to get you through dark times?

Are there examples of you using the: ‘Act As If…’ and it come in handy?

Let’s Be Friends!

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Until the next time,

Namaste, from Ananya



  • This is such a lovely post that everyone should read! Thank you for sharing this <3

    Amelia | Amelia Grace

    • Oh thank you so much @amelia_mcdonald:disqus – that’s so kind! xx

  • AngeliePangilinan

    This is such an inspiring post. You wrote it so well too 🙂

    Angel // My August 2016 Favorites

    • Thank you so much @AngeliePangilinan:disqus, so glad you enjoyed reading 🙂 xx

  • I’ve spent my fair share of days at the hospital this summer too so I totally feel for you. It was very exhausting but also very emotional meeting other people having such health issues. I’ve also been looking forward to the times when my bf would be feeling better. I tried to remind myself that it was a phase that we had to go through and deal with the best we could, that it would get better. It helped me concentrate on the present, slow down in other areas of my life to ease my way through those times. I felt like I mentally took time off my life to deal with our situation. I hope your grandma is better, Clem x

    • Thank you so much for such a kind comment. Completely with focusing on the ‘now’ as a way to get through things; it helps things not become too overwhelming, doesn’t it? Thank you for your wishes. Ana xx

      • Yes it does, it’s my new trick to get through hard moments haha!