Hub Dot

Pick a colour, any colour!

Well actually, you have a choice of 5, where each colour represents a state of being.


Green : I’m here to be inspired

Red: I’m established (could be career, business, motherhood)

Purple: I want to tell you about…(my story/my work/my charity)

Blue: I’m here to socialise

Yellow: I have an idea, can anyone help?

Namaste From Ananya - Hub Dot - Which Dot Are You Today


Read on & Welcome to Hub Dot.

It was at a dinner party when Simona, Hub Dot CEO & founder, and mother of 3 

was asked relentlessly: 

“But, what do you do?!”

“Oh, so you’re not working at the moment?”

Tired of only being defined by her career she decided she wanted to change the way in which it was that people ‘networked’. It was then, around her kitchen table, Simona started Hub Dot.


4 years on, Hub Dot is a global event and exudes as much warmth and love as its founder.


I first heard about Hub Dot a good few years ago.

In fact, my Dad introduced showed me the large magazine feature and said:

“Ana, you should read this & go along.” 


So I did, a few years on,

I went to my first Hub Dot event in May & have not looked back since.


You seem as though you’re buzzing!’

‘You’re all fired up!’


These are a few things I was told from friends when I started talking about my experiences,

after last week’s ‘Making The World A Better Place’ at the beyond beautiful Petersham Nurseries,

in Richmond.

Namaste From Ananya - Petersham Nurseries Cafe Sign


Truth be told: 

I came away feeling empowered, supported and inspired


Sometimes you need to be surrounded with people with a different sort of energy and this is what Hub Dot makes possible. 


Though Hub Dot has gained press for helping empower women connect with one another, the events are always open to ALL.

Namaste From Ananya - Petersham Nurseries - Hub Dot


Are you a male reading this?

Simona does not discriminate  

At each event she always reiterates: 

Namaste From Ananya - Hub Dot Founder

“People think we’re a female only event – that’s not true.”

Everyone is welcome.


The purpose of Hub Dot is to connect, but in the way that (generally) women do best:

tell stories.

Stories allow us to relate to one another, on a different level.



The reason why I love Hub Dot so much:

Namaste From Ananya - We All Have A Story To Tell Quote


I’ve always thought this and now Hub Dot has only firmly solidified this in my mind.


Our vulnerabilities and experiences are our stories

Our stories are what makes us unique but they are also what allows us to connect with people.

And in doing so, people can relate to us.

So essentially, our vulnerabiltiies have the ability to inspire and evoke emotion within others.


If we all have a story to tell, and we all have the ability to help another through storytelling


Then what are you waiting for?


Whether you’re wanting to set up a business, a charity or just to meet new people, there’s something for everyone.

The least that will happen is you’ll come away, I guarantee, feeling inspired by at least 1 storyteller.


So what’s the format of a HubDot event?

1.     What coloured dot are you?

2.     You’re invited to light refreshments and to mingle, to connect.

3.     Session #1 – listen to Hub Dot Storytellers – each given 90 seconds to talk about that particular HubDot theme

(e.g. previous themes have included: Travel, Making The World A Better Place)

4.     Dot Alchemy is encouraged – you’re given around 30 minutes to ‘connect’ and mingle again making sure to obey ‘house rules’

 Namaste From Ananya - Hub Dot - Which Dot Are You Today

House Rules include:

–       Do Not exclusively talk to your friends – this is the time to connect & find #dotalchemy (that special connection!)

–       Be inclusive and welcoming to others – no one wants to feel like they’re on the periphy of an impenetratable circle at a dinner party!

–       Feel free to move on – if #dotalchemy doesn’t happen, in this space, be encouraged to connect with others.

5.     There’s Session #2 of more storytellers, this time around a minute each

6.     Open Mic – open to the floor inviting others to tell their story!


 Namaste From Ananya - There Isn't a Person you wouldn't love if you could read their story1

What kind of stories can I expect?

 The theme for each Hub Dot is slightly different as are all the stories.

All enriching, inspiring and moving in their own way.

From ‘Eat. Pray. Love’ stories of self-discovery to refugee experiences of desperation and hope; there were tales highlighting how travel has the potential to enrich our lives for the better.

Last week’s event themed: ‘Making The World A Better Place’ focused on ways individuals or organisations had contributed to the world around them in an impactful way & urged others to do the same.


 Hub Dot is shaking up the way big organisations feel they ‘have’ to network; last month they were at Bank of Merryl Lynch, last week at Ernst & Young. 


Friends, it’s likely that those little dots may be making their way over to you soon!


Whether you’re in London, Rome or even Antigua!

 & One More Thing

I understand people’s reservation about the price of a ticket.

Averaging £15-£25 depending on the event, for some of my peers, either still students or early on in their careers, this might not seem cheap for a ‘networking’ event.

But, I have this to say:

This is not your usual event & these are not people you may otherwise encounter.

I’m at a stage in my life where I’m trying to focus on experiences and personal development over material possessions.

If that means not splurging on:

-one extra evening of drinks


-or on clothes I do not need,

will buy me an experience I cannot measure in drinks or indeed pounds?

I’d happily spend my money on it.

So…if you see those little coloured dots –


Go Along! 

Listen & Connect

Leave feeling inspired.

 I guarantee you’ll be glad you did. 

Are you interested in Hub Dot?

Or maybe you’ve already been to one?

What’s been your experience?

Until the next time,

Namaste | from Ananya xo

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*Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored – all love for those coloured dots & empowering events – my own!




  • Such a great pleasure to read your amazing post, I love it, thank you for sharing!!!


  • Jenni S

    I had my reservations about the price, so it’s good that you’ve addressed that! After reading this I think I’ll just cough up and go along anyway, seems like it’ll be £20 well spent!

    • I can completely relate Jenni as I was much the same! But the ones I’ve been to have completely worth it 🙂

      I think the next ‘supper club’ format events may actually be slightly more (I’ve not been to one of the more ‘formal sit-down’ events) but as a first timer, definitely check out the ones priced between £10-£15! I’d love to hear about your experiences if you do end up going! The slightly cheaper ones do get booked quickly so do keep an eye out or sign up to the newsletter! Xx

  • “So essentially, our vulnerabiltiies have the ability to inspire and evoke emotion within others” – so much truth. What an amazing concept though. The making a world a better place theme would have been a great one to attend, I would love for this to make its way over to Australia.

    Your comment on needing to be surrounded by different energies every now and then reminds me of the quote about how you should never be the smartest one in the room, and this sounds like such a good take on that – lots of different people, lots of different stories, lots to learn.

    • Thank you Raashi, as always! I cannot even begin to describe how much I love the concept of Hub Dot; the way in which it brings people together, how it manages to lift others up – it’s truly magical and I’d highly recommend pouncing on any opportunity you have to go to one!

      And I LOVE that quote! I have had to remind myself of that quote often enough because it is so true and something my Grandfather used to tell me he did (unknowingly). Everyone has something to teach us, from their experience, their attitude or their actions! We just have to be willing to open our eyes and hearts to learning wherever and whenever possible 🙂 xx