The Story Behind A Blog Name

I never used to think too much of it.

Namaste From Ananya :: The Story Behind A Blog Name

We put our hands together to pray.

We put our hands together to greet for ‘namaste’.

However, since learning the profound meaning of this ancient Sanskrit word, I have discovered a newfound love and appreciation for it.

‘I bow to the divine within you’

Some people may not like to acknowledge ‘the divine’ as something within them, however, I love the concept.

That ‘higher power’, ‘that God-like presence’, that ‘invincibility’, in my mind represents the ‘best possible version of ourselves’.

It is believed that when one reaches enlightenment, or a transcendental state, through meditation, they arrive at a higher conscious level. Some believe that this higher conscious level, distinct from the other subconscious and conscious states, is where one is no different from The Divine, or God.

Bowing to the ‘divine’ within someone; choosing to see the best possible version of a person with each encounter, to me is a beautiful concept.

As with a lot of things, when you go looking for something, other similar items seem to appear.

As with many other things, the source of a lot of inspiration can be found on Pinterest

(Download this beauty and say goodbye to a fair few hours of your life!)

There are many definitions of the word:


But my current favourite is this: 


My soul recognises your soul. I honour the light, love, beauty, truth and kindness within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things there is no difference and no distance between us. We are the same. We are one. 

‘Namaste, from Ananya’, is a little pledge from me to you.

There are a lot of situations where I lack confidence, a sense of worth or just make myself ‘wrong’ unnecessarily.

‘Is anyone even interested in reading this?!’


‘Why not write about something you know is popular’

I could.

I could write about things that really don’t interest me, for fear of being judged, but that wouldn’t be honest.

This blog, the topics and the thoughts are all real.

It might seem a bit out of place to be including a post about food & drink in one post, watch a reflective video in the next and then feature an update on facing fears.

That’s just me, Ananya (definition: unique, one like no other) and that’s all I want it to be.

I do love to eat and experience new places.

I have ALWAYS spent FAR TOO LONG sitting and reflecting!

…and yes, I do want to face more of my fears.

‘Namaste’ means a lot more to me than just seeing the best possible version of others.

It also acts as a reminder for me to believe in our own infinite potential.

In giving the blog this name, I vow that whatever I contribute to this blog, it’ll be the best I can give.

Be it a review, a little profound thought or video.

In honouring your kindness, I hope you find something you can relate to.

Namaste | from Ananya xo

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