The A List – January 2015

 Instead of a typical monthly favourites,

The A List - January - Namaste From Ananya

I thought I would share a few things that have helped keep the January Blues at bay.

Food Food The Soul

Put Up Daily Reminders

The A List - January - Namaste From Ananya

If there’s one thing people know about me it’s that I love a good quote, proverb or little profound statement.

It’s one of my daily challenges to remind myself to ‘choose happy’ rather than let my mood be dictated by which side of the bed I got out of. Sometimes you just can’t help it – it’s one of those days where you overslept and you would give it ALL to just crawl back into bed.

Hey, I’m well acquainted with these kinda days at the moment!

But, after that initial – ‘WHY AM I EVEN AWAKE?!’ phase, I want to somehow regain some kind of control over my morning which is why, I’ve taken to framing some of my favourite quotes or sayings where I can see them, especially as I wash the sleep away.

The A List - January - Namaste From Ananya

Knick Knacks

Pretty Stationery

The A List - January - Namaste From Ananya

I don’t know about you but with pretty stationery on hand, I think my productivity is just increased ten-fold, no caffeine required!

It’s not just the pens and the pencils.

Writing Sets, Cards.

The A List - January - Namaste From Ananya

You name it, I’m there.

Lessons Learnt

Surrender the Final Outcome

The A List - January - Namaste From Ananya

No matter how much you worry, fret or plan.

In the end, we have no control over what will happen.

If you’ve been following me on instagram, you’ll be aware of my ‘face a fear everyday’ challenge of the now & get swept away with the mood of the moment.

Slowly, I’ve been trying to regain some sort of composure regardless of the outcome.

In doing so, ironically, I’ve started to feel more in control not consciously being in control.

I think it’s knowing that the only control we have is the meaning we give to the events that occur around us.


So, there we have an unconventional ‘monthly favourites’ which have made The A List for January!

Until the next time,

Namaste | from Ananya xo

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