The Power of A Pencil

Sometimes we need a wake up call.

We need to revisit a place, a moment or an object that once sparked a change within us.

The Power of a Pencil Namaste From Ananya

Can the promise of a pencil really make a difference in the world?

I believe it can.

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‘Our lamps may be different but our light is the same’

When I was younger, I remember thinking:

Diwali 2015 Namaste From Ananya

‘Why do we [Bengalis] celebrate Durga Puja when every other (British) Indian {i.e. non-Bengali} I know, celebrates Navratri?

Why do we [Bengalis] celebrate Kali Puja when in school they only teach us about Diwali being the ‘important’ Hindu festival?

Fast Forward 15+ years and I think I have the answer, albeit from a Sufi poet.

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Snapshots of India #2

plural noun: postcards
a card for sending a message by post without an envelope, typically having a photograph or other illustration on one side.

Namaste From Ananya - Snapshots of India #2

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Happiness Jar #4

Happiness Jar #4 October

Sweet treats, little luxuries & a positively glowing morning in London –

Happy Halloween!

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Ping Pong’s more than just a sport!

One of my all time favourite things to eat is dim-sum.

Ping Pong - Namaste From Ananya - Trio 1

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A Blog Crisis!

You may have noticed a small lul in consistent content…

Namaste From Ananya - Blog Identity Crisis

…or not. No biggie. You may have just assumed I was immersed in PhD life..

[True, by the way]
But actually the truth is for almost a year, I’ve been having a bit of a blog identity crisis.

Namaste, India

A little video of India, from my point of view.

[N.B. coincidental that currently it seems to be ‘India Season’ on British TV!]

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Back to ‘school’, back to September!

Happiness Jar - September - Namaste From Ananya

September, September!

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Snapshots of India #1

India Snapshots 4

Don’t we all just like to nosy around someone else’s house from time to time?

Just me?

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July’s Happiness Jar

July Happiness Jar

It’s July.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that the UK summer is well and truly here.

Always rooting for the underdog, us Brits, always believing in the best possible outcome with some underlying British cynicism…but lo and behold. The #hottestdayoftheyear has come and gone.

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