San Francisco #2 – A Food Guide

Experiencing foreign culinary delights is just as important as diving head first into a city’s sights…or uh, shopping. Food in San Fran definitely did not disappoint.


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San Francisco #1 – A City Guide

For many of us, there are those places that we talk about visiting incessantly, San Fran being one such place. When the opportunity actually arose to fly out for a conference, a few of us were left feeling overwhelmed as to how on earth to squeeze such a famous city into a few days of touristic affairs!

Flying out for business purposes to a city you’ve always wanted to spend a week or two exploring, meant being thrifty with our limited free time – but think we did a fairly well & I’m sure you’d agree if you’ve been following along on instagram 😉

So here goes, a little whistle-stop tour of San Francisco for the wanderlusting individual just wanting to ‘pack it all in’ – Stay tuned for #2 soon!

:: Evening #SanFran, it's almost time to leave you✨

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Scrapbooking’s for (Big) Kids….

My mum used to make me ‘scrapbook’ every holiday when I was younger.

‘You’ll thank me when you’re older!’ she said.

Scrapbooking's for (Big) Kids

Mothers are so wise, aren’t they?!

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How much for the Jar of Happiness?

If you could capture happiness in a jar, what would it look like?!

Namaste From Ananya - Happiness Jar

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