Scrapbooking’s for (Big) Kids….

My mum used to make me ‘scrapbook’ every holiday when I was younger.

‘You’ll thank me when you’re older!’ she said.

Scrapbooking's for (Big) Kids

Mothers are so wise, aren’t they?!

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How much for the Jar of Happiness?

If you could capture happiness in a jar, what would it look like?!

Namaste From Ananya - Happiness Jar

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The Best Mornings Start Out Colourful!

Shots in the morning?!

Colourful Mornings are The Best - Namaste From Ananya

They’re healthy, I promise!

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The A List – February Favourites

Dear February, you’ve come & gone now.

Namaste From Ananya - The A List - February Favourites

…but you’ve left me with a fair few favourites.

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The 2 Simple Words I Want To Say More This Year

“Why do you feel the need to thank me? It’s what brothers are for!”

2 Words I want To Say More This Year - Namaste From Ananya

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The Big Ol’ Birthday Wishlist

So it’s that time of year again, one year older.

2015 Birthday Wishlist - Namaste From Ananya


Friends, this is the first birthday that I’d like to ask for something specific from you..and it doesn’t cost a thing!

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The A List – January 2015

 Instead of a typical monthly favourites,

The A List - January - Namaste From Ananya

I thought I would share a few things that have helped keep the January Blues at bay.

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:: Friday Fun at Señor Ceviche

Peru’s one of those places, I’ve been dreaming of visiting for the longest time.

The closest I’ve managed so far is Mexico and now…Señor Ceviche!

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Let’s Snail Mail, S’more?

Namaste From Ananya - Let's Snail Mail S'more!

‘I Whatsapped you!’

‘Check your Facebook’

Wait, didn’t you get my voicemail? I tried to Skype you!

‘Okay, fine I’ll email you!’

‘Wait, you won’t have phone signal….OR internet?! How do I get in contact with you?!’

Call me old-fashioned but I am a sucker for some good old snail-mail!

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