3 Surprising Benefits of Journaling

Namaste From Ananya - 3 Surprising Benefits of Journaling

It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? And just when I’d gotten into the groove of being consistent!

Though blogging may have been a little sporadic this month, there’s one thing that I haven’t neglected & that’s journaling.

With this year being an important one in terms of PhD, work and personal life, I’ve needed something to keep myself from feeling all too overwhelmed by it all.

The best friend in question has been a journal. Over the years, I’ve used it as a cathartic release. More recently though, the more consistently I commit to journaling, I can honestly say that its contributed to my overall wellbeing. I thought I’d share 3 Surprising Benefits to journaling I’ve found in case you’ve been toying with the idea and can’t quite bring yourself to start a ‘diary entry’.

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5 Ways To Balance Your Social (Media) Life

So Remember when I mentioned that I had a little Social Media Detox earlier in the year?

& also how important & wonderful the power of social media can be?

Well, I’ve often found it quite difficult to maintain a healthy balance between using technology & completely switching off.

5 Ways To Have A Balanced Social (Media) Life

So here are 5 ways to balance your social media life & not let technology completely over!

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Happiness Jar – April Edition

Namaste From Ananya - Smile More - Happiness April Jar

It’s almost been a month since I wrote my last little happiness post & more and more as I constantly keep saying & feeling. Life just seem to be whizzing past.

More than ever, I’m actually consciously trying to savour these moments.

There’s always a time which seemed ‘easier’ or a time we’d wish for when we’d have all the answers, but lately, after what seems like forever, I’m rediscovering the power of now & the beauty of the present.

So before I get overly sentimental in my old(er) age…

Here we go, a few things for the Happiness Jar, April Edition!

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Snapshots of India #3

It’s that time again where I’ve decided to look back at some of my India highlights.

These little postcards were all taken during my last visit in January…

Snapshots of India #3 - Namaste From Ananya 4

…& can you tell I was feeling the cold?

I think I manage to pull off the ‘Indian-Grandmother-Abroad-look’, complete with socks & chappals quite well!

So, here I share with you a few intimate snapshots of India #3.

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The Versions of Us

“The minute I heard my first love story,

I started looking for you, not knowing

how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.”

-Rumi, The Illuminated Rumi


Rarely do I end up buying a book that I’ve already bought & read on Kindle.

But, as I’ve mentioned before, there are exceptions.

This book, The Versions of Us, is one of them.

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You’re doing a PhD, How Will We Find You A Husband?

You're doing a PhD, How Will We Find You A Husband?

“You’re doing a PhD, How Will We Find You A Husband?”

I have heard varieties of this same exclamation countless times  & no, it’s not just a view taken from some S. Asian communities.

Yet each time, it’s been said, it has not sat right with me.

I’ve wondered how & whether to address it and finally I’ve come to realise, as with most things:

I have a voice & I’ll use it.

Because I’m not going to waste my opportunity to speak out on something that I feel so passionately about.

So here we are:

One of my most personal mosts yet and an insight into some of the pressure that a LOT of (Asian) girls go through, on some level or another.

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Facing Fears in March

Namaste From Ananya-FAFEMarch162

Sometimes we’re on fire with life.

And other times we’re running on empty and stuck in a rut.

This scaredy cat of a shy girl realised that without facing any of her fears, she would be stuck in a rut, unhappy at life. All those quotes about life being at the edge of your comfort zone? Well. It was time to walk the walk. 

It’d been a while since I’d actively faced a few more of those pesky fears…

Fuelled on post-birthday enthusiasm I set about starting afresh.

So ,more for my own records than anyone else’s, here’s :

Facing Fears in March [2016, edition ;)]

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A Swiss Guide: #1 – Geneva

My family has always had a soft spot for Switzerland…& no, this has nothing to do with wanting to appear in Bollywood movie set on the Swiss Alps as an extra 😉

Namaste From Ananya - A Swiss Guide #1 - Geneva

So here’s a little Swiss Guide: #1, starting with Geneva!

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Join #YogaCamp today!

My parents never sent me to summer camp but I made it to #YogaCamp willingly.

Join Yoga Camp Today! Namaste From Ananya

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A Spoonful of Spring Happiness!

Namaste From Ananya - Happiness Jar March16

It’s been a bit of a mixed month post-birthday to the present! However, I’ve also realised it’s been a while since I’ve documented what I’ve been grateful for this week & since it’s a little goal I’ve wanted to keep, there’s no time like the present to get right back into it!

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