Books To Read :: When Creativity Kisses You Goodbye

February for me, is my January.

I mentioned before how my whole family got ill, starting January 1st. Not the best way to start off with a positive mindset, I’ll have to admit.

The first half of January was spent either under a duvet cover, trying to stay hydrated and regaining my voice. The latter part of the month consisted of some full-on family festivities [ahem: #bigfatindianwedding].

The crossover between those few weeks meant a slightly delirious and exhausted Ana. However, the time spent away from a screen for the most part (thank goodness for advance scheduling!) surprisingly resulted in some creative inspiration.

I put this down to my trusty sheep PJs….…and of course these 2.


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…that’ll be the day


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Life Lately & Happiness Jar #5

Now let’s be honest, despite my best efforts to get on top of the #2016Goals, the year did not start out as planned.


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The Nutty Scientist #2

Remember way back, I was telling you I seemed to have way too much dairy-free milk on my hands?!

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5 Tips on Staying Focused in January

You’re still demolishing the remains of the Christmas chocolate whilst researching the best green juice and simultaneously psyching yourself up to go for a run.


Hands up if we’ve been there, done that & got the ‘Namast-ay in bed’ T shirt?!

[Yep, the T shirt does exist by the way…you can find your own here 😉]

Somewhere in January, it’s fair to say all that steam runs out all we really want to do is sit around in our PJs having ‘Friends’ marathons with our trusty duvets for company.

Here’s a few simple reminders I’ve been using to keep those January blues at bay.

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Kindle vs The Traditional Book?!

Like an old friend, re-reading an old book can offer just the appropriate ‘constant’ when life becomes a muddle of frenzied change.

Namaste From Ananya - Currently Reading on Kindle

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Namaste 2016!

See ya later, 2015!

Namaste From Ananya - See ya 2015!

I talked through my 2015 highlights over on Cider With Rosie in December.

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Christmas Charity Gift Guide

It’s 2 days before Christmas…are you’re still shopping for presents…?!

Charity Christmas Gift Giving Guide - Namaste From Ananya

Whether it’s simply stocking fillers you’re after or a more meaningful gift, this post may provide you with some answers. Inspired by friends that have decided against traditional gift-giving this year, I thought I’d put together a gift guide with a twist.

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The Power of A Pencil

Sometimes we need a wake up call.

We need to revisit a place, a moment or an object that once sparked a change within us.

The Power of a Pencil Namaste From Ananya

Can the promise of a pencil really make a difference in the world?

I believe it can.

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